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Silk Road Co. specializes in bringing soft commodities from producers and exporters all over the world to distributors, importers, retailers, and food processing companies, both national and international. Due to Silk Road location in Turkey and being in the center of the world, near the European and Asian markets, the Middle East and North Africa, our traders are in constant communication with a vast number of collectors, packers, and exporters. Through years of experience and great market insight, we are able to advise our clients to make the right decision for their organization and offer them the highest quality products, at the best possible price, with the highest possible service level.

Our Dedication

In order to be able to add value to our client’s organization. we need to work vigorously on innovation, flexibility, and competitive based price possessing 100% dedication. It is the company’s mission to respond quickly, adaptable and co-operative to changing world markets. We offer custom-made solutions to our customers in food, feed, and many other industries.

Our dedication in the trading field is reflected through:

  • Our acquired knowledge, through many years of experience, of the International soft commodity markets.

  • Our custom-made solutions for each individual client.

  • High consistent quality of the goods we trade.

  • Our flexible and pragmatic approach to changing markets.

With these diversified implementations in trading we have acquired a good reputation as a reliable, client driven, innovative and competent trade partner in current business world.

Customer service is our top priority:

Service is not just part of the job, but an attitude on which our organization relies upon. Silk Road Co. staff has a passion for the job, which is the source that plays a vital role in maintaining and handling business.

  • We believe in long-term partnerships, based on a customer-oriented focus.

  • Custom-made solutions for each individual client.

  • High and consistent quality of traded goods.

  • Strict measures in quality control, certified food, and feed safety standards.

  • Flexibility in delivery and transportation.

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